Air Pressure: 75-85 PSI, unit complete with pressure regulator and filter.
Power Supply: 110/120 V, 1,600 W, 13.3 A
Heater: 1,500 W
Display: LEDs indicates power on, heat on and 6 temperature set points.

Tank Capacity: 5.0 US gal (20 litres)
Speed: 5 US gal in about 4 hours

Provides clean solvent every day. Clean solvent washes better and faster.
Eliminates the need to haul dirty solvent off-site for disposal. No solvent manifest to complete.
Lowers solvent purchase and disposal costs.
Minimizes Waste Generation
For use with Paint Thinner, Lacquer Thinner, Heptane, Toluene, Gun Washer Solvent, Xylene, Acetone, Methanol, Isopropylalcohol
Easy to Operate
Press Start: the solvent vaporizes and condenses automatically. Clean, pure solvent collects in receiving pail inside the recycler. Residue remains in a heat resistant bag in tank.Dirty Solvent can be recycled.Uni-ram offers a family of Solvent Recyclers.
Health and Safety Features
Certified to UL Standard 2208 and CSA Standard 22.2 No. 30 and No. 88 for use in both non-hazardous and hazardous locations: Class 1, Division 1 and Class 1, Division 2.Factory Mutual Certified.
Operational control and continuous monitoring by roprocessor; many built-in safety programs; self diagnostic.
Pressure relief lid and cover system prevents pressure build up over 1.0 PSI.

Part #: UN.URS500

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Units: EACH
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