Tork Premium ShopMax Wet Wipes are tough on grease, grime and dirt. Pre-moistened, cloth like disposable wipes. Special Hygienic Micro Emulsion Formula makes it tough on dirt but gentle on skin. Silicone dispenser opening and re-sealable lid keeps wipes from drying out. Portion control for one wipe-at-a-time dispensing. Convenient solution and time savings - clean hands and surfaces are just a wipe away for on the go on site professionals since no added water or cleanser is required. No need to rinse afterward, won't leave a residue.

Ply 1
Color White
Print no
Embossing no
Roll Width 11.8 in
Roll Length 52.20 ft
Number of Sheets 72
Sheet Length 8.7 in
Length per case 208.80 ft

Part #: SCA.192594

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Units: EACH

Units: EACH
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