Why should I use a Re-Grip?
The Re-Grip is designed with ergonomics in mind, helping you minimize physical stress or injury by giving you a more secure grip. By absorbing and redistributing energy during use, the Re-Grip increases your personal safety while providing maximum comfort. No gluing or heating, Re-Grip® uses strong, durable material to provide a safe and comfortable non-slip grip to any tool, handle, lever and more. With its patented design, Re-Grip® is easy to install. The elastic grip is held extended by an inner coil, forming a tube that fits over the handle. The user simply pulls a tab to unwind the coil allowing the grip to shrink and compress securely to size.   Re-Grip offers three different sizes. The range in diameters are easy to identify with color-coded inner coils. Simply select the Re-Grip with the smallest size diameter that will fit over your tool, handle or lever.


  • Solvent Resistant
    Water Resistant
    Weather Resistant
    Added Comfort
    Vibration Resistant
    Heat Resistant (up to 300°F)
    Electric Shock Insulated*

Disclaimer: User assumes full responsibility for the proper use and safety of the tool and Re-Grip
*Electrical Insulation of up to 1000 Volts ONLY when the user’s hands are ENTIRELY on the epdm rubber Re-Grip

Re-Grip Small
Part Number:     PN36-7BL-001
Max Diameter    1.1 in (28 mm)
Min Diameter     0.68 in (17 mm)
Clearance           1.3 in (33 mm)
Suggested usage for:
Screw Driver, Ratchet, Broom, Small Rake and Shovels, Hairbrush, Mini Flashlight, Socket Wrench, etc.
Re-Grip Medium
Part Number:     PN44-7BL-001
Max Diameter    1.5 in (38 mm)
Min Diameter     0.79 in (20 mm)
Clearance          1.6 in (41 mm)
Suggested usage for:
Hammers, Pipe Wrench, Shovels, Hatchets, Flashlights, Trowels, Exercise Equipment, Rakes, Fishing Poles, etc.
Re-Grip Large
Part Number:     PN61-7BL-001
Max Diameter   2.0 in (51 mm)
Min Diameter    0.98 in (25 mm)
Clearance         2.3 in (58 mm)
Suggested usage for:
Wheelbarrows, Large Pipe or Socket Wrench, Post Hole Diggers, Sledges, Axes, etc.

Part #: PV.PN61-7BL

Price and Units

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Units: EACH

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