3M Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive, 200 mL Cartridge, 07333

  • Part Number: 07333
  • UPC: 00051131073333
  • Stock Number: 60455083331
3M Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive is a two-part epoxy adhesive which provides an extended work time, but can be rapidly cured with heat. 3M Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of properly prepared automotive substrates including steel and aluminum. 

This adhesive is intended for true structural bonding applications when specified by automotive OEMs, and is recommended for all weld-bonded and rivet-bonded joints. 
  • Product Description

    The 3M Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive also has a unique feature indicating when the curing process has begun through color change technology. Adhesive bead starts silver in color and changes to purple once curing is underway. Cured product is purple to indicate proper mixing and complete cure.
    • Higher impact strength versus traditional bonding adhesives
    • Adheres to all properly prepared steel and aluminum substrates
    • Can be weld-bonded or rivet-bonded immediately after application
    • Excellent extreme temperature performance
    • Can be cured with heat (30 min at 80C)
    • Dispenses silver, cures purple to indicate proper mixing and curing
    • Corrosion inhibiting formula with lifetime corrosion protection
  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 07333
    UPC 00051131073333
    Case Inner Pack 1
    Size 200 mL
    Brand 3M
    Color Purple

Part #: 3M.7333

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Units: CART
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