Introducing the newest development in jamb masking technology. 3Mô Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape PLUS utilizes a tubular design that allows painters to easily mask both wide and narrow jamb openings in one simple step. The result is improved soft edge masking performance and a high quality finish.

Masking jamb areas and producing an invisible repair is a constant challenge. Whether using folded tape, foam or conventional masking tape and paper, special care is taken to achieve the desired results in the jambs. This extra effort takes valuable repair time. Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape PLUS makes jamb masking quick, easy and effective.


A soft foam tape for used for jamb masking and other areas that need to be sealed during painting.

  •  ∑ Seals door jambs during paint applications
     Reduces masking labor time
     Provides 'soft' paint edges
     Enables paint blending along body lines

Part #: 3M.6293

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Units: BOX
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